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Facility Management

Let's start with our macro service, Facility Management. Have you heard of it? This term is used to define a type of...


Skilled and specialized labor is essential in any area of activity. By hiring a company specializing in labor management, the organization tends to gain more productivity, quality, and performance.

Cleaning and Gardening

The Cleaning and Gardening service is paramount to keeping your environment sanitized, tidy, safe and inspiring well-being. We optimize your resources with intelligence and technology...


Do you know this term? Back-office means those areas responsible for handling all internal administrative processes...

Cargo Handling and Logistics Services

Logistics is one of the most strategic sectors in large companies and can represent an important competitive advantage.

Civil Aviation Protection

Responsible for the inspection and control of incoming and outgoing people and objects, the protection agent is essential for the cargo terminal operations by ensuring the safety of the bonded warehouse.

Proteção da Aviação Civil

Document storage

Every day, organizations generate a multitude of physical and digital documents. Their custody is a very important part for a company, given that the process of storing documents,...